Lady Gaga ‘takes daily meds’

24 أكتوبر
Lady Gaga ‘takes daily meds’


Lady Gaga reportedly told concertgoers she takes daily medication for depression.

The outlandish singer brought her artRAVE: The ArtPop Ball to London last night, as she continues on the European leg of shows.

During her set Gaga is said to have got emotional while reading out a letter from a fan who had attempted suicide. To help combat her feelings of despair, the fan had found solace in Gaga’s music, and the songstress was so touched she invited her to sit on stage while she belted out anthem Born This Way.

“I take medication every day for mental illness and depression and don’t feel bad about it,” Gaga reportedly said during the song.

While the blonde singer is one of the most successful acts in pop music, she’s not immune to feeling down from time to time.

Her fluctuating weight and album sales have caused her to be the subject of media scrutiny, and the 28-year-old recently admitted she was close to turning her back on music.

But working with jazz legend Tony Bennett on new album Cheek to Cheek changed that.

“Six months ago I didn’t even want to sing anymore,” she confessed to Parade magazine.

“I tell Tony every day that he saved my life… I’m not going to say names, but people get irrational when it comes to money – with how they treat you, with what they expect from you… But if you help an artist, it doesn’t give you the right, once the artist is big, to take advantage of them.”

Gaga has another two shows in London, before she heads to France next week. Her six-month tour comes to an end in November, when she closes with a final show in Paris.

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